Frequently Asked Questions

A: Have your hair clean and blown dry. Your face should be cleansed and moisturized. Wear a zipped hoodie, buttoned top or something easy to take off that won’t affect your hair or make-up when removed.

Makeup Application

A: Not a problem. Just have them available that day.
A: Absolutely!!! Pictures for hair and make-up are great. Although I am very good at understanding what you’re thinking, a picture can say exactly what you desire and make sure we are on the same page.
A: If you have any real concerns or allergies to any products, feel free to bring your products that work on your skin type.
A: If you have oily skin, bring some blotting papers. And a simple lip-gloss for your lips for touch up for later on in the night is a plus too.
A: Yes. This will open your eyes up and your make-up will look even better. Please do this a few times so you get used to whichever hair removal procedure you choose. Some people have different reactions. Eyebrow arching is an art and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Hair Up-Do’s and Styling

A: You don’t need to unless you have oily hair; then it’s necessary. It is true about what they say about day old hair. It stays better. In the end it is what you feel comfortable with. Your hair should be dry before we start styling.
A: If necessary to comb out hair, then go ahead. But do not put conditioner at your scalp. This will only make hair too soft and silky, and the style will not hold up as well.
A: I usually recommend 7-10 days beforehand. That way it’s not last minute and if there is something you need to have changed, you still have time.
A: It’s your big event and we don’t want to rush! You deserve all the attention. To provide ample time for the look you deserve, if we are applying makeup and styling an up-do, this will take about 90 minutes. Any additional services for family and friends can be determined at a later time. .